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Welcome to Tzoomi Puppets

Anyone who has ever seen a young child interacting with a puppet understands the unique emotional connection that puppets can elicit. For generations, teachers and therapists have used puppets to engage children in imaginary role play and to facilitate play based communication. Tzoomi Puppets designs and markets a collection of whimsical, full bodied puppets that delight children and adults alike. Tzoomi Puppets are operated through an opening in the back of the head and finger loops. By moving the fingers, the operator can manipulate the face and the puppets mouth creating a range of expressions and emotions. The puppets are roughly 74 cm (30 in) in length. They are lightweight enough for even a small child to hold and carry. Each puppet comes dressed in its own outfit but they fit childs size 18 months. Tzoomi puppets make a wonderful, unique, and memorable gift for any occasion.

A Word About the Name

"Tzoomi" is an abbreviation for the Hebrew term "to pay attention". Tzoomi puppets are particularly adept at paying attention to and displaying affection for their friends. Children love the tzoomi they get from Tzoomi Puppets while learning to give tzoomi through playing and interacting with them.

Everyone Needs a Puppet

Lets pause for a moment and take a look at the world around us, where new technologies are taking over our lives and the lives of our children. This is a world where creativity, innovation, and imagination are relegated to cold devices. Now imagine a different didactic tool, friendly, colorful, and pleasing to touch, which can be used to communicate messages and content to children while cultivating their imagination and creativity. Tzoomi Puppets, with their lifelike and entertaining facial versatility, touch hearts and elicit smiles. Its fun to laugh and share experiences with the puppet. Tzoomi Puppets invite children to open up and share their inner world, enhancing creative play and communication. Tzoomi Puppets are an experiential learning tool that facilitate stretching the imaginations wings and taking off to a world beyond. Direct contact with the puppet encourages and promotes childrens self expression and enhances a personal connection with texts and activities in both the educational and home environment.

Israeli Standard Institution

Tzoomi Puppets are handmade in China in a factory that specializes in high quality manufacturing and certification of plush toys. There is no child labor in the factory. At Tzoomi Puppets, product safety is of utmost importance. All parts of Tzoomi Puppets products comply with the requirements of EN71 Parts 1, 2, and 3. and suitable for babies from 0-3 years old.


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